"Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand" brings the issues that are near and dear to you on a daily basis. Mark has deep roots in the city and is a wonderful man of God offering knowledge, insight and so much more!

If you want to live ON PURPOSE, read The Rancher’s Gift! This powerful modern-day parable by Dennis Worden can change your life.
— Tim Enochs – Executive Coach and New York Times Bestselling Author of On The Clock

Stu Epperson,  Jr. CEO / President of The Truth Network interviews Dennis Worden - "Uncle Dennis" - about the importance of parents and grandparents living a life on purpose.

A meaningful and short read, this story inspired me with real life scenarios on how to live my own life on purpose and inspire others to do the same.
— Jessica Lalley

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Solomon and Dawn Mornings

Solomon and Dawn bring you Christ-centered discussions packed with biblical insight and practical advice. Listen as they share thought-provoking expert interviews, cultural commentary, and candid conversations with callers.

A must read, you’ll find The Rancher’s Gift to be a powerful parable full of reminders and revelations that are life changing as you apply its truths.
— Julie Gorman, Author and Speaker

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The Rancher’s Gift is a fascinating and compelling tale that is sure to show you a new pathway to deeper meaning and purpose in your life. Don’t miss out on this incredible message.
— Les Parrott, Ph.D., #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Good Fight

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Carmen LaBerge discusses relevant issues so that you might think clearly, engage your faith, and impact culture in ways that honor Jesus.

Wow, ladies, you will find yourself quickly immersed in The Rancher’s Gift. Even with a guy as a main character it hit so many notes in me as a woman. You will love this story about what really matters in life.
— Shaunti Feldhahn, Best Selling Author of For Women Only